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46% Of Sugar Mommas Ditch Toyboy’s & Switch to Sugar Daddy’s & Sugar Babies

By Penelope Clarissa Mayhew – Independent News Features: December 7, 2019

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For some years there have been unwritten rules about who connects with whom in Sugar dating. Ultimately sugar daddies look to sugar babies. While Sugar mommas have Toyboys in their sites. However, times are a changing. Increasingly Sugar Mommas Ditch Toyboys & switch to Sugar Daddy’s & Sugar Babies. More Sugar Mommas are looking to sugar daddies and sugar babies for a connection and a relationship. When we look at the user types in sugar dating it’s not so strange. Furthermore, most of the sugar mommas we’ve talked to in this past year have expressed an uneasiness about dating younger men. Toyboys have gorgeous looks and gym honed physiques. Many sugar mommas feel uncomfortable about being tactile, and seen in public sooner or later with handsome young men.

Sugar Mommas Ditch Toyboys for Sugar Daddy’s & Sugar Babies

Sugar daddies have no such hesitation about being in the company of an attractive young woman. Given that some sugar babies are old enough to be their daughter. This could be the reason that sugar mommas feel they don’t have as much power when compared to their sugar daddy opposites. As a result more are looking to connect with sugar daddies and sugar babies. When coupled with a sugar daddy the age difference would not be as great and so people could naturally view them together as a traditional couple. If seen with a sugar baby, the perception could be that it’s a mother and daughter combination. Sugar mommas are concerned about their public perception. Significantly, they need to feel comfortable about who they are seen with. However, increasingly Sugar Mommas Ditch Toyboys for Sugar Daddy’s & Sugar Baby’s.

Sugar Momma Dating Lifestyle

The sugar dating site have long seen these dating dynamics since their inception. They have geared their membership offering so that sugar momma dating lifestyle users can upgrade from a Free membership (where they are offered a toyboy selection). They can expressly go to a silver or gold membership. Once upgraded they are able to view profiles of not just toyboys, but also sugar daddies and sugar babies. It’s a simple step to start messaging any of them directly as part of that package.

Sugar Dating Site

Chloe Milton A spokesperson for the sugar dating site said; ‘ Our 12 month poll shows that in the past year 46% of sugar mommas ditch toyboy’s & switch to sugar daddies & sugar babies. This is significant, as they confirm that the main reasons are related to public perception. Especially when they are out in public with their date. We have no way of knowing if this change will be sustained. But clearly sugar toyboy’s need to try harder to reassure their sugar momma partners, as they are losing ground. ‘;   Really! xox

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