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COVID 19 Coronavirus Driving Sugar Daddy Dating as Unemployment Soars

By Penelope Clarissa Mayhew - Independent News Features: March 6, 2020

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The Covid 19 Coronavirus is driving sugar daddy dating as unemployment soars. Many young women have turned to sugar dating as unemployment in the US reaches record levels. Those who already have an established sugar daddy may find financial and emotional support from their mentors. However, those sugar baby's who are new to sugar  dating will find that it takes time to secure one. There are 5 or more sugar baby's to every sugar daddy seeking arrangement online. One of the more liberal open sugar daddy sites is who have seen an 89% increase in sign ups since the COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic hit the US.



COVID 19 Coronavirus is Driving Young Women in to Sugar Dating Relationships

Chloe Milton A spokesperson for said; ‘ We understand that Covid 19 Coronavirus is creating high unemployment. This in turn is driving young women to seek refuge in sugar daddy relationships. We welcome the new registrations from attractive young women who want to join our site and become sugar babies. However, they should be aware that it’s very competitive between sugar baby's to get a sugar daddy arrangement. They would need to use ingenuity to make their profile stand out. And be prepared to step out of their usual social comfort zone. A good personality and sexy look is key to connecting with mature rich men. Sugar dating relationships are not for everyone. ‘

The number of new sugar daddies signing up since the COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic, has also increased exponentially. During this period there has been an incredible 91% rise. Sugar daddies see it as a great opportunity during this financial crisis to provide ongoing support to their sugar babies. The sugar dating website recognized since it’s inception that the relationships we have are changing in this new decade.

Increasingly more people frequently accept that they need more than one individual to satisfy their emotional and intimate needs. Since most men love the idea of ‘ occasional girlfriends/boyfriends ‘ they’ve embraced Sugar Coupling sugar daddy site. They are the most up to date sugar dating sites for those who enjoy the Sugar Dating lifestyle. New genres of dating like a new dating game show airing on Fox soon. It's called Labor of Love, and is in the pipeline. It is rumoured that 15 men will compete to impregnate a 41 year old professional woman. Holy moly!

Seeking Arrangement Dating Relationships During COVID 19 Coronavirus

‘Not Surprisingly most people involved agree that at the present time that 45% of sugar daddies are married. Sooner or later participating sugar babies seeking arrangements have to come to terms with this issue. To be a sugar baby you definitely have to treat it like a business and ruthlessly discard time wasters. You must ignore those who won’t give you the certainty you need to feel comfortable before meeting. Especially true when (COVID 19 Coronavirus) lock-down ends. It is possible to just have an online sugar daddy, but it's the most competitive area of sugar dating. You should make them comply before you engage with them.

A few years ago Seeking Arrangement Relationships were considered fake or a fad. But not any longer, due to the uptake increasing year on year. Incomes of young women have declined and now COVID 19 Coronavirus has created a feeding frenzy. You should not enter sugar daddy sites unless you have expressly considered the whole process. We hope you truly appreciate the features offered to members. And know that it is wrong and illegal to enter in to intimate relationships specifically for an exchange for money ’. said Chloe Milton.

Although is a global sugar daddy site it’s main markets are the US & UK. Chloe Milton A spokesperson for the site said;    ‘ We believe that in some respects the unemployment situation is harder in the US than in the UK. The UK government has put forward a financial package that will directly mitigate employees who earn up to $3000/month, by paying 80% of all their salaries/wages thereby helping prevent companies going out of business during COVID 19 Coronavirus when social isolating was introduced'.

Sugar Daddy’s Are in Demand During COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic

There can be an imbalance of up to 5 sugar babies to each 1 sugar daddy dating in some US states. As a result competition between sugar baby’s is fierce. To give sugar babies more options, 'they should be more Pro active' says Chloe Milton, A spokesperson for who also said;  ‘ They should be prepared to make the first move. It’s free for sugar babies to join. After registration they should message any sugar daddies they like. Start a conversation; It’s free for SB to send messages to sugar daddies seeking arrangement worldwide. So there’s no cost to sugar babies (unless they require premium Features) and nothing stopping them. If they really want to take advantage of this offer during the COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic they should do so today'.


How to Get a Sugar Daddy Up to 5 x Quicker offers the following; for the purpose of giving sugar baby’s options; ' We have created a unique USP which no other similar sugar daddy site has; We particularly give sugar babies, sugar mommas and & toyboys the option to create an Xfile profile (rather than a ‘ Regular Profile’ ) when joining the site. With an Xfile profile you can include erotic love island type images. Or add flirtatious, bachelor in paradise type sexy photos and use explicit flirty language about yourself and the type of person you’re looking to meet '.

Add banter in ‘ My bio ‘ text, and ‘ The person i’d like to couple up with ‘ text. Only premium paying Gold members can view Xfile photos. Even sugar mommas dating have given this the thumbs up. No prior permission is needed beforehand by gold members to view these Xfile photos/profiles as permission automatically comes with gold membership. It’s not compulsory for a SB to create an Xfile profile. However; COVID 19 Coronavirus and unemployment is becoming a catalyst for young women who join to find a temporary solution via sugar daddy dating.

Sugar Daddy Finder

Moreover; those that do have an Xfile profile will catch the eye of a Sugar Daddy Seeking Arrangement up to 5 x quicker. Those who don’t create Xfile photos you will not be penalized, but may have to wait longer to catch a SDs eye using our sugar daddy finder. You can read more about the concept of Xfile profiles and Sugar Daddy’s seeking arrangement via the search engines. An idea that has now formed the basis of a Channel 4 TV show in the UK called Naked Attraction, hosted by 49 year old Anna Richardson. One contestant stands with the shows host fully clothed, facing 6 vertical screens in front of them.

TV Show - Naked Attraction

The contestants behind the screens are completely naked (no pixel-out private areas for the British) you eventually see absolutely everything. The screens are raised slightly in 3 sections starting from the floor so you see from feet up to the thigh for all 6, in section 1. The host will discuss the merits of each contestant with the person choosing, and decide to eliminate 1 contestant in each round. In round 2 the clothed contestant can view the 6 from foot to waist as the screen moves upward. Again 1 person is eliminated after chatting with the host about suitability of each.


In the final round  the remaining contestants can be seen from foot all the way up to above the heads of the remaining 3 contestants. During this event the host chats with the contestant who is fully clothed standing next to her. When there are just 2 contestants left they step forward naked from behind the screen to stand a few feet away.

The Conclusion - Naked Attraction

Before the person choosing selects between the final 2, they themselves have to go and un-robe. So all parties are fully naked except the presenter Anna Richardson. They now stand facing each other before the person choosing makes the final choice. The person chosen goes on a fully clothed date with the person choosing. Only the British and Japanese seem to come up with such shows. I presume the show isn’t currently being filmed during COVID 19 Coronavirus lock-down due to social distancing.

You should be aware that do not accept applications/registrations/memberships from escorts seeking arrangements, prostitutes or sex workers. Caveat Emptor! Take a few minutes to write down text for ‘ My Bio ‘ and ‘ The person I’d like to couple up with ‘ boxes. Finally; Choose high resolution photos ready to upload before going to the join form.


The US has seen a huge spike in alcohol sales reminiscent of Prohibition as people in lockdown turn to drink as a way of coping with COVID – 19 Coronavirus. Alcohol sales were up 25% and is expected to increase as lockdown continues.

Alcohol sales increased  24% in the last week compared to same period in 2019 

Online alcohol sales last month increased by 295%

Experts have warned of the dire impacts of the COVID 19 Coronavirus lockdown on people's mental & physical health. Many turn to alcohol as they become depressed by their diminished quality of life. Cory Rellas, CEO of alcohol delivery app Drizly, told us: 'What we’ve seen is just a massive mix shift from drinking at bars and restaurants, to the home.

'This is a supply chain that hasn't changed a whole lot in the 90 plus years since Prohibition was repealed.' It comes as 42 states have introduced stay-at-home orders meaning the only place to drink for millions is at home.

New York Covid 19 Corona Virus Effect

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has allowed permit liquor stores to remain open despite him ordering non-essential businesses to close to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Essential businesses include hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and news media.

Liquor stores were not specified in Cuomo's order, but New York's State Liquor Association quickly clarified: 'Liquor stores have been deemed an essential business and may remain open. You do not need to reduce your workforce.';   Really!

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